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7 Critical Pre-Road Trip Checklist

If you are thinking about going on a long road trip then there are certain tips that you need to pay attention to. The advice mentioned here would come in handy when it comes to looking after your personal safety and the car cargo safety during this trip.

As for the very first tip, you would have to make certain that you have two sets of emergency kits available with you at all times. One set would have to be in the car with you while the other can be left with the luggage that you are carrying on the roof of your car. This is to ensure that in case of an emergency, you have the right items with you, both inside and outside the car, until further help arrives.

Second, you would have to pay attention to the actual condition of your car. If you car is worn out and if it is struggling to move from one place to another, then your current car will not be the best choice for a long road trip. If your car is in good working condition, then make it a point to have the braking and the steering systems checked. You would also have to have the air conditioning and the heating system checked. It would be in your best interest if you can also pay attention to the radiator of your car and have enough back-up coolant, in case your car overheats. Also ensure that the engine of your car is well checked.

Thirdly, you would have to pay attention to the way you actually pack your things. If you are looking forward to the best car cargo safety, then you would have to ensure that you take the right measures to protect the cargo. Ensure that all items are correctly packed in the right kind of packaging material. If you are carrying cargo that is made out of glass or any other breakable material, then make it a point to have it wrapped in bubble-wrap or other precautionary measures are taken. If you are packing something that is sensitive to temperature extremes (such as some electronics, medicines, etc.) make certain that you are putting them in climate controlled areas of your car or roof top carriers.

As for the fourth tip to ensure better car cargo safety, you would also have to take measures to secure the cargo in a safe place. If there is too much space between the cargo and the body, then make it a point to pack them tight. If you are using a car roof bag or roof top cargo box, take steps to ensure that they have been installed properly onto your existing luggage rack and any adapters needed are being used.

For the fifth tip, you could try getting car roof bags or roof luggage carriers to transport the items in question. These bags and carriers can be easily dismantled when you do not need them, but until that time, these carriers would be your best bet when it comes to protecting your items.

Sixth tip, if you have gotten the car roof bags, then the next tip to better car cargo safety would be to learn how to use the bags and have the items secured properly to the automobile.

As for the seventh and the last tip to protect yourself and your cargo, do not drink and drive! This should be obvious, but the need to stress this is still vitally important. Dial your local authorities if you suspect other drivers on the road are intoxicated and driving erratically. And of course, before you start any long trip, plan ahead if you are the primary driver and get plenty of sleep the night before.
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